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Detroit Auto Show Live

Streaming press conferences from 14 major carmakers
Monday 1/11/16
Tuesday 1/12/16

Click Here

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2016-01-11 09:39:17 EST
By LiveD

The Station AM 1610

AM 1610 Hamtramck is a low power, non-commercial, AM radio station broadcasting in Hamtramck, Michigan. We are your weird friends with lots of records.

Currently Off Air  due to FCC issues but you can listen on the Internet

You can listen to the The Station on our Internet Radio page

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2015-12-27 10:53:58 EST
By LiveD


Detroit Symphony Orchestra presents their Season Opener: Thibaudet Plays Gershwin

Live 10/3/15 from Orchestra Hall in Detroit see the Special Events Link


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2015-09-13 21:37:46 EDT
By LiveD

Red Wings Arena Cam

Olympia Development has launched their pan & zoom 24/7 webcam overlooking the new Red Wings arena site.
Find the Link on our Red Wings Construction Cam page

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2015-09-02 14:40:13 EDT
By LiveD

Online TV & Movie Content

We have launched a sister site NV3.com
NV3 is a website where you can easily find links to TV & Movie content to watch online.

Currently they are all Safe links that won't get you into trouble with annoying pop-ups and redirects.
Under development is a section that unlocks Live Sports and Cable & Movie Channels. This section will also list caveats on what to avoid when visiting these sites.

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2015-05-26 10:54:53 EDT
By LiveDetroit.tv

LiveDetroit.tv YouTube Channel

LiveDetroit.tv has created a YouTube channel
where we are featuring some of the archived 
videos from our Live Streams.

Find it on the
Archived Live Streams Button on
LiveDetroit.tv or
the direct YouTube link

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2015-05-20 00:31:06 EDT
By LiveDetroit.tv

How to Save a Live Stream video

If you would like to download a Live Stream archive video
 Click Here for Instructions

Note: Ustream keeps the videos for up to 30 days befor automatic deletion.

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2015-03-11 20:40:11 EDT
By LiveDetroit.tv

Oakland County Roundabout Construction

Oakland County is constructing a Roundabout at 14 Mile & Orchard Lake Road
You can watch the Progress on the Special Events page just to the left of this post.

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2015-02-26 16:36:38 EST
By LiveD

MDOT Interactive Camera Map

The Michian Department of Tranportation has an Interactive Map that lets you view traffic camera's all over the State as well as Road Closeings and Traffic accidents.

Give it a test Drive   Click Here

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2014-03-10 13:35:01 EDT
By LiveDetroit.tv

LiveDetroit.tv on iPhones, iPads & Android

iPhone & iPad & Android devices that do not support Flash, now you can watch Flash videos on your device!
Check out  apps verse  or  Skyfire Browesr 
Download the app and watch all the programing on LiveDetroit.tv.

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2013-08-21 22:40:30 EDT
By LiveDetroit.tv

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